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Control Your Printer Fleet Cost Per Copy

Service, Repair and Toner Cartridges Free Of Charge

Are Your Printers Being Used at Capacity?


Our MPS is more than just consumables and maintenance. We optimize, monitor and manage your total print output environment, end to end: we let you take complete control over your printing and achieve real business value.

All of these by reducing environmental footprints through printing less paper, consuming less energy, generating fewer greenhouse gases, and keeping waste levels low!


We help your company keep your printers and copiers up and running, letting your IT help desk staff focus on mission-critical tasks, rather than printer errors.

Our vendor neutral software facilitates proactive management of printing environments and helps you: Create automated service alerts, device detailed reports, historical trending reports, schedule and flag maintenance and develop a cost reduction plan with a single click.


You get the supplies and help you need WHEN you need them.

  • No charge for service, repair, parts or cartridges.
  • Pay for actual use – no minimum or overage print charges.
  • Automated supply replenishment.
  • Just one monthly invoice.

We help you develop the Managed Print Service that you need.

We Help You Focus on What Matters More.

Solutions for your business, that make a positive impact

Discover how our Managed Print Service can help your organization work smarter, faster and more efficiently. No more multiple vendors and multiple contracts. TCR lets your take complete control of your print fleet!

Request a custom solution today.

"With TCR, there is no delay, hassle, or wondering when they will show up. Tcr Services has been nothing but professional and courteous from start to finish. Their pricing is very affordable. i wish that there were more vendors that operate as efficiently as TCR."

"We have saved thousands in toner over the last couple of years. I really appreciate the time and effort you are putting into the partnership and the transparency, it is refreshing to see from a vendor. I really appreciate your service, it gives me free time to complete other tasks"